Team Member Protocol

What is the East Bay Healing Ministry Team?

A team of people who love Jesus, live from the EBHC core values and are prepared to minister healing, encouragement, and comfort. 

•       Goal: Listen to God, access His heart, and be empowered to minister His healing love and blessings to others.

•       We will provide a consistent team of trained healers, creating a safe environment for those we minister to.

What it is not:

•       Counseling ministry/sessions

•       Extensive inner healing. We can refer folks to the leadership for other resource ministries such as Heart Trek ministry, Sozo, etc.

•       Extensive deliverance ministry. Although we will pray for freedom, as possible, more extensive ministry should be referred to the leadership and/or a follow-up appointment.

What is expected from a team member?

•        Goes through a preparation phase:

                  o   Submit an online application, which includes a pastoral recommendation

                  o   Attend (and/or video viewing) a minimum of 5 EBHC training workshops

                  o   Attend ongoing monthly team mentoring one hour prior to each monthly healing training as well as any extra training and/or                                      meetings, as determined by leadership

                  o   The EBHC leadership will have the final approval for those applying to serve on the Ministry Team.

•        Regularly prays for people at the Healing Center trainings and future Healing Encounter Rooms

•        Be willing to receive feedback and correction, if needed, in order to learn and grow

•        Be willing to intercede for the team, each other & leaders

•        Be willing to pursue inner healing, if recommended by leadership.  We want to help you to be healthy and protected as you help others.

•        Remain in healthy relationships with your team and be willing to work out conflicts

•        If needed, ask leadership for help


Qualities of Ministry Team members

•        Be born again and continue to pursue intimacy with God (John 3:3; Rom 6:23)

•        Be led by the Holy Spirit (John 16:13; Galatians 5:25)

•        Love without an agenda and without judging

•        Be safe, trustworthy, discrete, and maintain confidentiality

•        Follow directions and accept roles given by leaders

•        Know when help is needed & be willing to ask for help

•        Continue to seek ways to grow in your capacity to minister the love and power of God

•        Ability to freely receive & give with the heart

•        Be willing to “take a break” or “step down” when “not in a good place” to minister

•        Be willing to receive ministry as well as give it (Prov 3:11, 13:1, 15:32)

•        Stay denominationally neutral in ministry (I Cor 3:3-11)

•        Walk in forgiveness as a lifestyle & keep short accounts (Matt 6:14-15, 2 Cor 2:10-11)

Please contact us using the Contact Us button below if you have any questions.